Friday, May 13, 2011

Atlas # 2790 N scale turntable...

As we nervously watch the Mississippi remind us how small we are, I'm reminded of something Augustine was quoted as saying. As he was tending his garden, someone asked him, "What do you wish to be found doing when the Lord comes for His Church?" Augustine answered, "I'd like to be found tending my garden."

His point was that there was no action or deed that could add to his own righteousness apart from Christ so...why not be found gardening---or---in my case, working on my trains.

There is no amount of worry that can assuage the rising floods around us. There is no amount of good works or witnessing I can do to make God hear my pleas for rescue. Yes I pray, yes I continue in good works, but only as one who has all the righteousness in Christ necessary to go boldly into the Throne of Grace and make my petitions now, not after some holy work, trusting that, regardless of outcome, Christ is sufficient in all things regarding me and my family.

Plotting and planning...

Photobucket install.

The Atlas turntable is quiet and well engineered, I highly recommend it for a beginning modeler looking to add a turntable to their layout. Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to convert to DCC controls in the future and, yes, there are prototypes for them. Check out the one inside the B&O Railroad Museum...



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