Saturday, May 26, 2012

Krick Model 2 two cylinder marine steam engine...Part VI, the base...

My marine engine friends would rather it be mounted into a boat. Alas, that is not possible...owning a piece of property and putting a home on it are now top priorities.

A base was necessary though as, once polished, it gets hard to handle without smudging it all up. I could think of no more fitting base than a reminder of God's continued grace poured out on me and my family. This is a scrap drawer front from one of the subsidized housing units I work with, a place my family and I could just as easily be residents of were it not for His unmerited favor and lovingkindness on us.



The area we are moving to is quite beautiful, the nearby town as small as they can get without disappearing off the map, a mere crossroad with a smattering of buildings that include a post office and grocer, yet a major hospital is not far at all.

While I have given up on the other denominations, there is a local Baptist church that I will look into. Sucking on a green persimmon should help me fit right in. I'm sure the nearby Pentecostals will be more than happy to swing from the rafters for us but I've grown weary of that show. There's a UMC just down the street as well, but I've already been fired from them once.

Here's a faith tester---would His unmerited favor and lovingkindness be any less were we to have to live in one of those subsidized units? I can think of at least one Pepsodent smile wearing TV preacher that would say 'Yes" to that...and be wrong.

Looks like it's gonna be an interestin' summer...

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