Sunday, October 7, 2012

My thoughts on the upcoming election...

In all honesty, I have given up hope for my nation. In every quarter, rich, poor or middle class, among every ethnicity, in every city and town, across every age group, conservative or liberal, business owner or employee...every strata of our nation is grossly dependent upon the federal teat for money. There will be no economic solvency until this truth is faced and dealt with in the strictest of terms.

I don't blame the people for this but those who name the name of Christ as their own, who not only bought into the lie that charity can come from the government through taxation--and the coercion necessary to collect them, but continually perpetuate that notion in their voting.

What comes upon this nation in the coming months and years is simply the necessary consequences of a people who believe themselves free of any transcending authority and a people who believe that they are rightly submitted to a transcending authority. Both do that which is right in their own eyes and thus create the paradoxes that vex their souls every day.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.--Thomas Jefferson


Cristake said...

I am a little afraid to comment, because I don't really know if this is a rhetorical post, simply a couple of thoughts that don't expect weak tries as answers - and it will be impolite for me to speak here in such case. Despite this, and because my people's hope is also dying (at least this is how I feel), I would dare to say there's many tricky and deceiving things in this world, so this way a person, a family, even a nation cannot get in a state of (full) righteousness. A merely man, even if president (supposed to be smarter than average people) will have to confront problems such as abortion, unemployment, Middle East crisis etc, etc. I consider these problems very difficult, if one could solve a single such problem he/she would deserve a hero status... but I cannot believe that a merely man could solve so many things (especially in 4 or 5 years, with so many factors and variables interfering and so on).
I would like to see people (including myself) doing the things as J.S. Bach did - simply thanking to God after finishing every one of his/her work. Knowing from where comes our basis, our strength, our love, our inspiration and every good thing. From above firstly, not from within. Why "be yourself!" and not "be a better man"?!

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Far too many in my country, who name the Name of Christ as their Lord, place their trust in elected officials. This election is no exception and finds us actually on the bring of fulfilling Mormon prophesy of all things.

I simply feel that our time as a nation is drawing to a close.

Since I rarely make a political comment, I figure to give folks like you a peek into an American mind that won't be seen on the TV or in a paper.

I do hope this finds you well my brother...blessings, BC

Cristake said...

A little off topic, a little on topic... Here's a song that I have discovered accidentally somewhere, I think it fits to your post and thoughts... I like it very much, it might eliminate a little some of the bitterness (because it's beautiful, although not very optimistic).

God bless you and yours!