Saturday, August 21, 2010

Atlas #8700 S-2 and #8750 S-4 undecorated...

With detail differences that only the most hardcore rivet counter could find, these are among my finest runners.

Pluses...diecast frame for great pulling power, the usual flywheel and all wheel drive, nice detail. They run very well together and, surprisingly, work much better on my MRC Golden Throttlepack's full power setting than on pulse. directional lighting (come on Atlas, even Model Power does it now), not easy to tear down for maintenance.

Yes, I plan to keep them looking like interests are in the model, not necessarily in paint schemes. I find the undecorated gray and black of these offerings a nice contrast to the others and very easy to spot in a yard full of cars at a train show...when you're 50, you'll understand...


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