Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bachmann Spectrum GP30 in Pennsy colors...

...for my 1,000th post, yet another loco from the box lot the previous three came from. It was missing its front and rear hand rails, I simply replaced them with ones off of an Athearn GP35, then colored them with magic marker, paint would've thickened them beyond the size of the originals.



Cristake said...

Awesome!! I can imagine this beauty riding through the night... In fact, I read as a kid a comics - a medieval knight and his squire, lost in a marsh, then suddenly, while sitting around a fire and trying to get some rest, a "dragon" spitting smoke and fire was all over them. A midnight train. Was kind of weird thing for my age, a Sci-Fi comics, yet I was fascinated.
Now I cannot decide: is this 2218 the beauty or is the beast?

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Beast...the bump on its brow is designed to butt heads with any comers... ;-)