Saturday, December 18, 2010

Halfway through the stress... observation.

I know and understand why some of my brethren and sisteren have a problem with some of the pagan elements incorporated in the celebration of Christmas. Some folks honestly, genuinely believe that it's wrong to celebrate Christmas. However...after having toured a place this week, parts of which included looking over a bullet riddled car and viewing the site of someone's recent murder, I have a small request...

...if you're moved to tell me about it...don't.

My day is filled with walking, breathing examples of folks on the threshold of an eternity of which they have no clue and/or regard for what comes after.

I will always...ALWAYS...rejoice for that 6 week respite this time of year, when radio stations, store loudspeakers and the occasional flash mob proclaim the Gospel in its simplest form, in between Frosty and Rudolph, every day, all day through the lyrics of familiar carols written by faithful ministers and laymen of times past. The rest of the trappings of this holiday season don't phase me a bit in the light of that truth.

Next week promises more of the same for me. I can assure the folks who have a problem with Christmas, Santa Claus, Rudolph and Saturnalia, that the last thing on my mind when I look into the eyes of an abused wife or local candy man will be the mindless drivel that passes for righteous debate nowadays.

For those who have been praying for me and my family...thank you. I greatly covet those prayers and can tell you in full confidence that they were directly answered at one point this week, details of which I may post at another time.

For those who really have a problem with the you're also required to give me that same slack (Colossians 2) in my lack of a problem with it.

As for the Jeremiah 10 crowd...I have a playpen in the corner, I can fill it full of nice theological treatises with really big words in them for you to fondle and coo the world burns around you.

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Linda said...

Amen. :)

You said it way better than I did.

God bless.