Saturday, October 8, 2011

1956 Post Cereal premiums...

A long standing mystery for me has finally been solved.

For years this little truck graced my grandparents Christmas garden. My earliest childhood memories of this garden always included this little truck, primarily because it was so out of scale to the surrounding details, it being near N scale vs the near HO size of everything else. I was always told it came from a box of cereal.

When Pop Gus went home to our Lord some years back, Mom passed this and several other vehicles that graced that layout all those years ago on to me. Upon finding a link to "Ken's Cereal Car Collection", a favorite vehicle on my N scale layout now has a more complete history...


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Cristake said...

I dare to say I know the feelings you have (had) when seeing these old "toys". A few days ago I saw all kind of old toys on a site (kind of Romanian-only e-bay)and found there lots of toys from the 70s or 80s. And my memory said "I had this... I had that... and that one, too...". Finally, I think that in my childhood I possesed more than 50% of the toys available on toy stores of that days (maybe even more). Which means I was a happy and loved kid, even if my parents were just simple workers.

On the other hand... some of the sellers on that site (many of them born after 1990) call that stuff "communist toys" - kind of hillarious, in my opinion. And also sad, some young people are confused about the terms "communist" and "conservatorist" or "traditionalist" (at least regarding the moral rules).

PS - And a little idea, if I may - I already was offtopic too much, please don't shoot me. Maybe a transparent sheet from some wrapping boxes (like those of pc mouses), some thick cellophane would offer good windows for the truck. Which truck rocks!