Thursday, December 6, 2012

Anonymous commenting has been removed...

Having a full frontal Christian blog opens oneself up to all manner of societal dreck. I am now weary of it enough to have to take action.  No more opportunities to sell scented candles, Amway or fruit more opportunities to see the flesh of Brazilian, Russian or Asian womenfolk who wish to marry me...and certainly no more opportunities to tap into a long dead Nigerian uncle's fortune for to get me a small sum from.  I also have precious little patience for anonymous "peek-a-boos" saying "Guess who?".

I deeply appreciate my readers, more than I could ever express but, time is short, the American Church sleeps in ruin, believing the scent of it's rotting corpse is a blessing to be shared with the world, and the harvest is ripe with nary a harvester in sight.  I've got work to do, a family to take care of and a life to live.  At the end of the day I simply have no humor left for guessing games.

Blessings, grace and peace to you my readers and to those you love and care for...


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