Saturday, April 10, 2010

"...for under 6 bucks..."

I try to be careful with how I write such things, knowing full well that there are ministries---real, Godly, necessary ministries---that could use that 6 bucks in ways and to lengths I could never dream of, so I believe I should expand on that.

Long ago I rejected the idea that I needed the latest and greatest offerings in the hobby. I also purposefully limited myself to one hobby (my recent forays into live steam being a subset of my model railroading). I buy junk, I take freebies offered by friends, I use the eyes and experience that God has blessed me with to see treasures in places most modelers don't.

My recent Wilesco purchase was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law (yes, I detest M-I-L humor, mine has been a true blessing in my life). My two cylinder engine was purchased through funds raised by selling off other models that I own...any profit goes into the household fund, to be used wherever my beloved sees fit. In short, my hobby is all but self-supporting, taking nothing from the various ministries that I feel God has directed my giving towards and very little from my family...I spend much more on the allowances my kids earn.

So the next time a loco you prize takes a header off the layout and on to yon this Mantua Classic 2-6-6-2 logger did...


...or you find a box of "cheap toy junk" in the attic just taking up space, know that there is a loving home out there with a cranky old Bible thumper sitting at his workbench, tinkering away, pining for such fodder.


Cristake said...

Here I am, back after a few days when my mind was invaded by somebody... If I tell you that I feel like a teenager again, you will understand what is happening to me.
Great "toy" again, that 2-6-6-2 - and worthy of every cent.
Speaking about money spent for a hobby instead of a noble cause... I think it's ok if it's not a too expensive hobby. Should we give up a coke in a hot day? Yes, if there's a hungry or thirsty child out there, no if it isn't. Fortunately, modelism allow to do things out of (almost) nothing, to repair, to improve and even to find unexpected solutions. (That's why I lvoe chess, for example). But you already said these things, so... long live your new old 2-6-6-2 !

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Thanks, glad to hear all is well for you...feeling like a teenager?...invaded by someone? Sounds like and interesting few days...

When it comes to giving, I never forget that it was only Judas who said, "She spent that money wrong!". It was the writer who also pointed out that the only reason he did was that he kept the money and would steal for himself and not out of any concern for the poor.

Blessings to you and yours...