Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bachmann Spectrum undecorated GE 44 Tonner, circa 1980s... of the early ones with two powered trucks, very difficult to install DCC decoders into---but not impossible. Picked up in a five piece lot, I like how it runs, and it has great detail, an impressive effort on Bachmann's part to supply an fairly common shortline hog that was never available before except in brass. It has directional lighting, see-thru screens, and separate grabs and uncoupling levers.



Cristake said...

A true gem, there... at least, that's how I look at this kind of oldies. Tell me, please, is this more expensive or cheaper than a similar "modern" type, made last year, in example? How do a nowadays modelist looks this kind of stuff?
Here is kind of... magic :)) This set, made by our socialist toys factories in the 80s (just two types of electric model trains at that times - and until communism was gone)is somehow very appreciated now, even if there's a lot of troubles when it comes to put it on the tracks... That's why I was kind of amazed some time ago, when you bought a switcher for just 5 or 6$...

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Yes, Bachmann has since issued one with a single motor that is DCC ready. I kind of like the thought of two motors though and, since I use DC pulse power, it runs just fine.

I'd love to find one or both of those sets over here...just because I enjoy models from other countries (no matter how badly they run...I'm thinking of Joeuff right now)

I got this one in a lot with 4 other rail cars for $10. The seller said it didn't run but, after a bit of cleaning and a dab of oil, it runs quite well.

So, $10 divided by 5 makes that switcher a $2 purchase ;-)