Wednesday, November 10, 2010


60. Many will be surprised to hear Jesus say, “I never knew you, depart from me.” (Mt 7:22-23; 1Cor 6:9-10; Gal 5:19-21)

61. Men have taken the place of the Holy Spirit in confirming men in their supposed salvation. (1Jn 2:3-5; 2Ths 1:8; Gal 6:12-15)

62. The doctrine of hell and eternal suffering is something little grasped by most professing “christians”. (Mt 13:42; Jam 5:1; Ps 9:17)

63. The judgment seat of Christ is perhaps one of the most neglected topics in the modern pulpit. (2Cor 5:10; Rom 14:10; 1Cor 3:13)

64. The second coming of Christ needs to be re-instated as the church’s general thrust and burden. (1Jn 3:2-3; Col 3:4-6; 1Ths 4:14-17)

65. The church has lost the fear of God and has over emphasized the love of God. (Heb 12:28-29; Lk 12:5; Heb 10:31)

66. The church has left evangelism to a few trained professionals. (Acts 8:1,4; Acts 4:29; Rom 10:14)

67. Repentance is considered a one-time act in modern evangelism rather than a way of life. (Rev 3:19; Heb 12:17; 2Pt 3:9)

68. The Lordship of Jesus Christ is something that is not taught in many pulpits. (Acts 2:36; 1Cor 12:3; Rom 6:18)


Cristake said...

These words of Mr. Gordon are so true, yet so... anonimous, if I may say so. I saw a lot of examples for his ideas, many of them related to church (major denominations, I mean).
A week ago I had a few hours journey to a neighbour county, full of old monasteries, mountains and forests. The peace and the simple life there practically set an invisible mirror in front of me, showing me what kind of hideous man I am inside. Simply because you don't have to be a serial killer to lose salvation - a drop of dirt is enough to desecrate the whole glass of water.
I'll take the risk of being seen as a fussy guy and show you two images (photos not mine) of those places.

Thank you for the post, sir. I need to hear this kind of words sometimes.

Br'er Shaygetz said...

I appreciate the kind words...beautiful pictures of beautiful places.

When one considers the depth of sin and how easily it entangles oneself, it's easy to understand why the monastic life had its appeal though, if anything, the separation could and did aggravate it. One can then understand the picture Paul was painting when he said...

O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?---(Rom 7:24)

...referring to the Roman practice of chaining the murdered victim's body to the murderer so that the process of decomposition will eventually kill the murderer. Pretty graphic.