Monday, July 4, 2011

Bachmann HO scale Bicentennial box cars, four car set...

May you and yours have a blessed and safe holiday...



---This day is call’d Independence Day
We who by the Grace of God are born here or have
chosen to migrate here must stand a tip-toe to Our Founders.
Whose dreams, sweat, struggles, discussions, arguments, and Blood
are the foundation for this “shining city on a hill.” Men whose names must be honored and remain familiar in our mouths — Washington, Adams,
Jefferson, Franklin, Solomon and others who should along with the
display of fireworks, music, parades, barbeques, bells and flowing cups be freshly
rememb’red. This day shall the good man teach his son or daughter –
they must uphold the promise and protection of this Great Nation, UNDER GOD.
---Robert Davi

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