Saturday, July 30, 2011

NWSL ad, May 1974...


Couldn't help but notice that the Shay was promised with all 26" drivers powered, something that was not built into the model I own. Did this one slip by the "normal 100% operational test and verification program". And what's up with a 4" long loco...especially an HO scale Shay...needing 18 inches of radius?

The presence of the additional model notes promised on return of the warranty card tells me that the original owner did just that. Comforting to you think they'll honor the warranty, seeing that the product is not as advertised---37 years later?

The original retail of $89.95 is a pleasant surprise compared to the price I did pay for it. This same model in 2010 dollars would go for $393.16, about the same as they sell for now. brass a real investment...or simply keeping up with inflation?

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