Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Arrows - "In the Words of Satan"

Just keep moving on if you're easily offended...

I used to be in the Christian Music industry and one thing I can attest to is that they only get two out of three is music and it is an industry but it certainly works hard to be anything but Christian. In light of my experience I rarely jump on a new group's band wagon and, in this case, am only posting the one video as it is a powerful, bare knuckles picture of the Prince of the power of the air.

Their other song is typically veiled, with no direct references to God, Jesus or the exclusiveness of the Gospel Message. How well I remember a Stryper tune that could just as easily be sung to a prom queen in the backseat of her date's car. As with other groups in the past, I'll wait this out to see what kind of fruit falls from the tree, before I go recommending them to anyone.

The sad truth is that most Christians are as celebrity oriented as their unsaved neighbor...the mere mention of God and the fact that the music doesn't contain a vocabulary that could peel wallpaper seem to be the only qualifications for CCM sainthood nowadays.


Cristake said...

This post made me feel like I just got out on my balcony and saw Enola Gay flying above.. I mean, I read it about three times to be sure I caught the proper sense you intended for it. Otherwise, I like a lot this song of The Arrows - it's brilliant, like a Christian Bjork.. I like their lyrics, in fact I must admit that I prefer this kind of artistic/Christian message instead of an poor ideatic one... I like the form of art that flagellates our bad habits, our sins etc, in example those with humor (Woody Allen, Homer Simpson and a few others) because it's like...that servant that keeps the victory crown above the Roman general's head and say: Memento mori, remember you are mortal.
But enough of my bla-bla's, time to say simply: thanks a lot for a good band. Even if you're not decided yet to recommend them... Enola already dropped her Little Boy on my head :))

Br'er Shaygetz said...

It is a pretty strong video...the ragtime diddy kind of reminds me of King Herod's Song in the rock opera "Jess Christ Superstar". I do wish the girls well, the lead singer reminds me of a young Demi Moore.