Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lima N scale heavyweight circus observation car, circa early '70s...

I received a formal offer on the job I've been posting about lately...salaried positions being a new thing to me, I never knew they had to be formally offered. A true Joseph moment, I've gone from being under 3 managers to supervising over 150 people, half of them managers themselves.

DUDE!!!!...I can't believe I'm shopping for a briefcase...


A company car is included...an Accord or Civic most likely, not a private railroad car or limo...sigh...but hey, they pay for the gas and the upkeep.

I wonder how fast an Accord goes on the Interstate?

I suspect they'd take a dim view of me having runners go ahead of my chariot shouting, "Bow the knee, bow the knee...!"

I wonder what an $8 cup of coffee tastes like...and just what is a triple latte mocha with a shot of caramel anyway?

I have a new appreciation for Dilbert comics.



Cristake said...

I remember the times (at least 20+ years ago)when some things here made their owner to seem kind of very important or unraveling man. A pair of blue jeans, a briefcase, a special designed lighter for smokers (or a Kent cigarette pack) etc. Simply because these things were very hard to be found/bought. Any thing that wasn't produced by our glorious communist industry was very valuable.
On the other hand, the Dilbert character... I found out about him just about 2 years ago - I was then a security guard at a company named G4S and we have had to wear a neck tie just as Dilbert's. A tie which I disliked a lot :))
Anyway, may the Lord's benediction be with you at this new job (and I say this because... "good luck" is for gamblers... why gamble when have a Lord to help you?!)

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Thank you, Chris, it's easy to forget how tough it was over there under Chauchescu, seems like a thousand years ago.