Friday, June 18, 2010

Box lot...

What does one do when one's chores are done and you've put out your feelers (i.e. resumes/applications) for the week?

You spend a couple hours turning a box lot of parts...


...into a string of cars...


...nineteen and counting to be precise---and two locomotives. Sweet.

I have four classes of rolling stock I set up in the initial inspection of any new box lot;

RTR = Complete and ready to roll, all bits are there, may need a cleaning at best.

Rolling wounded = Complete with all axles rolling, missing minor bits and/or couplers.

Round tuits = Cannot roll, missing major parts but still salvageable, will sit for awhile 'til I get a 'round tuit.

Buzzard bait = Saved only to strip of all usable parts, then unceremoniously tossed in the trash.

Oh yeah, I can see you're edified. ;-)


Cristake said...

Is there Superman on that blue car with "Shazam!" writing on it?!
I must admit that sometimes I'm kind of... dizzy :)) seeing all sort of American vehicles (not necessarily connected to railroad) painted in "rainbow" colours or/and having lots of writings/characters painted... Probably my European mind doesn't get it 100% this style; but nevermind, everybody, European minded or not, loves that gorgeous not-so-clothed ladies on the American bombers of WW2 :D Must have been really hard to be a Kraut fighter out there, especially one who could talk English :))

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Shazam is actually the wizard who gave Captain Marvel his powers...that's Captain Marvel on the box car. If you look to the upper left, you'll see another fantasy paint job, a 7-11 Stores 50' plug door box car.

Yeah, if the price is right, I'm starting to pick up these colorful fantasy cars that never existed in real life. The two yellow and green coaches to the right are from the old television show "Pettycoat Junction".

I love bomber nose art, I don't post links because they do tend to be a bit racy, surprising for the time and more than I'd want my kids to see.