Monday, June 14, 2010

Tall Timbers and Santa Fe Railroad...

I saw this old school marvel a couple of weeks ago at the invitation of its owner. The layout is 35 years old and runs on basic DC using block and cab control. It features handlaid Code 100 nickle silver rail. This weekend I've been invited to an operation session using vintage (30-40 year old) locomotives.


I took this shot at my first visit...I hope to take a few more as we run the vintage steam.


Cristake said...

I just had a look on the gallery... what can I say - that "Milton Junction" (4th picture on the 4th row) is simply adorable! And a great landscape around it, too.

PS - I hope you got better after that effort problem, sir. God bless you!

Br'er Shaygetz said...

Thank you, my pride is more hurt than my back right now, though it's never been as sore before for as long as it has been now. Old age is creeping up on me...sigh.

This is a great layout, I'm looking forward to running on it.